It's tough to imagine what these noise-making waterfowl are honking about. A problem solving goose would have stayed in south Texas eating shrimp and mackeral until the northern lakes are free of frost but there must be some foundation for the phrase "bird-brained." A smarter being would be wanting a full belly and a mate to fly north with and instead stay for a while, camped out on a derelict boat anchored in Galveston bay. But no. They're here. Yah!

It must be spring. Raccoons are being swept out of a quiet hibernation behind the cushions of a thousand stern seats only to be run over on the road searching for love and half-eaten Super America breakfast sandwiches. Law Enforcement in 99% of towns never pursue these roadside tragedies. Raccoons don't vote.

Boats. Friends. Boats get to have SUNSHINE! Springtime will force us to once again, look in the bilge and find the under-sized sunfish that your grand daughter caught last fall and flopped through the ceiling on the starboard side. It's changed into a freeze-dried imitation of a fish shaped Rye Krisp. The Raccoons would have loved it but we'll send them off into the world to fend for themselves. Tragic really.

The ice on the lakes is almost out, a few dark area's of blackening rot, with glints of sunshine showing the impatient geese where to find a pond-sized bit of open water next to some cattails and begin to do the baby making thing. Spring! 
Spring is so much better than sucking your thumb in the fish house on a blizzard swept plain of ice listening to classic rock. Any amount of springtime is better than that.


Follow the geese everyone! Uncover that boat! Don't forage for food on the freeway and look forward to spring. Everything little thing is gonna be alright [ Bob Marley].